Happy February (Winter’s Almost Over…)

February 1, 2010 at 2:53 pm 3 comments

Hello, everyone, and happy February! Even though it’s cold and rainy outside today, I woke up happy to have January behind me. Here are three reasons to be excited about FEBRUARY!

1. Valentine’s Day

2. Mardi Gras!

3. The Saints’ first-ever superbowl victory!!

Another reason I’m excited about this month is it means we’re that much closer to spring! This weekend I saw that the  local feed and gardening store has a sign outside announcing “We Have Seed Taters!” When I read that, I thought “YAY!” And then I thought, “Oh no!” because potatoes and other root crops should be planted in February, in the “dark of the moon” (during the new moon). This is maybe a week or two away, and my garden isn’t even CLOSE to being ready to plant anything! I didn’t have a winter garden, and I still need to plow under all the dead tomato and bean plants from the summer.

But I’m so excited about growing my own veggies again this year, especially since we’ve had some rain (finally) and since I’ve got a decent compost pile this year. I started it last year and everything in it should be aged to perfection, including all the chicken poo I’ve added from the girls’ coop. My veggies ought to be DY-NO-MITE this year!

I’d like to try growing some new things, like asparagus (I know I need to hurry up for this one!) and maybe Cherokee purple tomatoes. They’re so beautiful, and I’ve never met a tomato I didn’t adore! I’d also like to do watermelon this year because I love it so much, but I don’t know if I’ve got the room.

Lessons learned from last year’s veggie garden.

  1. A little bit of cantaloupe seed goes a long, long way.
  2. Putting pumpkin seeds in your compost isn’t a good idea. Your whole garden will be a crazy pumpkin patch.
  3. Nothing, NOTHING tastes better than a fresh-dug potato. Except maybe a just-picked tomato.
  4. Brussels sprouts + Texas heat = waste of time.
  5. Ladybugs rule.

I’d love to hear from other gardeners about heir gardens. What are your growing this year? What have you learned? What’s your favorite thing about your garden?



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  • 1. Ruby  |  February 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    I am probably not going to do a garden this year, unless you think it would be attractive to a potential buyer to have all those veggies already rockin-n-rollin’ before they even move in…..
    But I do have to say it was very easy last year and I attribute some of the ease to the Colorado weather because I didn’t have to pull any weeds at all!
    Our downside was not getting a ton of sun and our tomatoes seriously never ripening. That was a bummer-o-rama.

  • 2. Emerald  |  February 2, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Well, buying a house with a veggie garden already “rockin’ and rollin'” would definitely appeal to me, but not everyone’s into that. Plus, you have enough stuff to do to get ready to move! Make it easy on yourself!

  • 3. Judy  |  February 8, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    What you’ve learned is definitely sound.

    Brussels sprouts don’t do well in Mississippi either…though we did get a cooking or two from our plants.

    I adore tomatoes and have found none I like better than the vintage varieties. They actually taste like a tomato. I’ve just about run out of the ones I canned so this spring we will grow more and grow them a little differently than we did last year.

    Fresh potatoes are wonderful! I even canned some of ours. I use them in soups or as a side. That’s another thing I’d like to grow more of this time around. It’s just about time to put them in the ground come to think of it.

    Gardening is a lot of work but it does pay off.

    My favorite thing about vegetable and herb gardening is the satisfaction of being more self-sufficient and of course, the fresh produce.

    This year we’ll grow peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, okra, butter beans, squash, cukes and eggplant. Hopefully we’ll add watermelon in a spot where it will grow. It’s undoubtedly my favorite summer food other than homemade yogurt. My DH always wants to delegate it to the back of our property where it doesn’t get the water it needs, etc., and it dies. I hope that changes this year.

    I enjoyed this post. (Can you tell?)

    oxo Judy


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