Open Letter to Drew Barrymore, director of Whip It!

February 1, 2010 at 11:33 am Leave a comment

Dear Ms. Barrymore,

I could easily say that I have always liked your movies in a vague sort of way that I never thought to much about.  But that has changed today, today I really really like you because of your directorial debut~ Whip It!

What a fantastic movie!  I mean, from beginning to end it really really was great.  And for our less than conventional family, a perfect family movie.  Yeah there were some curse words here and a little under-age drinking there, but we aren’t the kind to care about that.  My very precocious and totally awesome 2 year old loved it and she is very particular about how she spends her viewing time 🙂

Not only did the movie have us all cracking up through-out, but the message was spot-on, too.  If I could make a movie that perfectly encompasses the way I want to parent my daughter and also honor myself as an individual, this would be it.  No cheese, no unneccessary sap, at times brutally honest and most importantly to me, respectful where it counts the most.

I just want to congratulate you heartily on a great job, there isn’t really anything I could criticize, you just knew where to hold back and where to dive in, I guess that comes from all of your experience in the film making world.

We will be buying this movie and we will be watching it many more times over the years.

You have truly earned this fan!

Love and respect,




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