Some good things I cooked/ate this week…

February 2, 2010 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

First of all let me start by saying that I have been juicing a lot this past few weeks and loving it SO much.  I have been mostly making orange/beet juice, but today I bought some organic pineapple, celery and more beets so I will be using these things along with apples, carrots and oranges I already had. 

I have an omega juicer and yes, it was SPENDY, but I use it almost everyday so I hope it lasts and that the price ends up being worth it in the end.  I love it if that makes up for anything 🙂 

So.  Another cool thing I made for dessert for my pretty-picky little 2yo was a peanut butter dip for apples and bananas.  I just mixed about 3 TBS of creamy peanut butter with one vanilla pudding cup (sugar free) and she munched up a whole apple and a whole banana which for this mom is a TRIUMPH!  I made it again today for her snack and served it with carrots and she munched those up, too!!!  This could be a great trend…

Another thing I have been serving the munchkin has been store-bought/store-made tzatziki with come cumin flatbreads.  She LOVED this as well and calls it “keemy-dip”.  Anytime she is eating anything remotely healthy my brain does the happy-dance in my head, of course I would never tell her how exciting she was or she would become immediately suspect and never touch said substance again 😉  If anyone has a really great, tried and true tzatziki dip recipe please PLEASE pass it this way!  Thanks!

Something I made that I liked for dinner was a German style Stromboli last night.  I think I am using Stromboli correctly, it was basically a really large family sized calzone, is that right?  Anywhoo, I used some pizza dough and then filled it with brautwurst, sauerkraut that I had cooked the day before in tomato sauce and ham broth, swiss cheese slices and kale cooked with onions.  I used an egg wash on the outside of the crust and sprinkled gomazio(sesame seed and sea salt blend) and caraway on the outside and baked at 425 for about 15-20 mins, it came out BEAUTIFULLY and like I said, I liked it and got a big thumbs up from the hubs.  The little one just wanted the sausage from the inside, but that’s ok, she ate the apple and banana after that!

I did make the Presidential dinner this weekend and it was very good indeed.  Sliced swiss from the deli was good in place of the Gruyere on the melts and the salad was fantastic!  I didn’t get to the caramel sauce, but it is still on the list and I will come back with my review!

I am still loving the idea of the designated meals for each of night of the week like I blogged about a few days ago and will give a total run down of how that went on Friday or Monday!


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