Children’s books we are loving right now, pt.1

February 4, 2010 at 4:20 pm Leave a comment

So this was a cool thought I had.  The Babe and I go to the library for toddler time about 3-4x a week and we always get TONS of books to read together.  Some of them turn into instant house-hold faves and some of them are just….well…..duds.  I hate to say ti but it’s true.  So I won’t be naming any names of the dud-books, but I thought it would be fun to catalogue our faves here, on the blog, for the day in the future when I win the lotto and can buy all of them off of Amazon!  And hopefully this can helpful to someone out there reading as well.  Maybe some good gift-book ideas?!  So here are the ones we have right now that we LOVE:

The above photo is from I Like CATS by: Patricia Hubbell, illustrated by: Pamela Paparone.

The reason we love this book is that of course we do love cats, but also the pictures are BEAUTIFUL.  That is big for us, the pictures or art work needs to be fun and exciting in some way and this book fits the bill.  Plus it rhymes, that makes it nice to read.  The words are simple and the story lets the art-work shine.

A  Tale of Tails  by: Elizabeth MacPherson illustrated by: Garth Williams.

This book is fun because it takes the reader on a tour of the animal kingdom highlighting of course the tail.  Again, the pictures are LOVELY, truely engaging.  This is another rhyming book which again, makes for fun reading.

Where is Coco Going? by: Sloane Tanen photos by: Stefan Hagen

This fun little book is in my opinion entirely centered around the fun and funny photos of Coco the chick, off on an adventure, but where is she going?  You will find out at the end, but the journey is the magical part.  The photos are so cute and inspired they might even make you laugh out loud!

And last but not least: All in a Day by: Cynthia Rylant illustrated by: Nikki McClure

This book is all about a beautiful message, essentially that all you have is today, but today can be anything, anything can happen and a day is only what you make it.  Of course, again, the pictures are fabulous and quite striking.  Nikki McClure’s papercuts reminded me of lino-cut prints and match perfectly to the simplicity of the story making this book a real winner for the whole family!

Check back every few weeks for new family and household faves!



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