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Hi, that’s me and the Babe, who at the time of the photo was rapidly downing a bottle of chocolate milk!  Anyway, I thought I would post some random things I had seen online and some ideas about doilies.

Check out these really pretty curtains:

I just love how sweet they are, and also how they re-use something that is maybe not so much in style anymore, atleast not in it’s intended form.  That is not to say that I don’t have doilies all over my house, because I do, under practically every lamp, like a good little southern girl 🙂

I recently was reading a magazine article about ways to re-use doilies and some other cool ideas were:

1. Buy (or dig up out fo your jewelry box) some plastic bracelets, the wide kind, and then scrounge up some pretty doilies and wrap the bracelet in the doily and cut off the excess.  Then you hot glue the the doily in place and stitch up the seam. 

2. Cover a lampshade frame with doilies that have solid fabric in the middle.  Using small doilies you stich a row hanging from the top and then stitch each row to the bottom of the last one.  IT looks very shabby-chic and lovely on a painted-white lamb base.

3. Using liquid starching, you soak a larger doily and then squeee out the access starching and lay it over an inverted glass bowl that you have covered in wax paper and allow this all to dry for a few days, atleast one.  Then you have a lovely little bowl to stow tangerines in 🙂

I remember SouleMama had a post about doilies, let me dig up….one sec:

a shower curtain idea

bread bags


And then here is one from Beauty that Moves:

it’s a way to hang, and show off, your earrings, and I LOVE this idea!

So that’s enough about doilies!

Moving on to OATMEAL BREAD/ROLLS.  This post about these rolls has me ready to bake tomorrow, for sure!

I will report back on the bread and if I try any of the doily ideas I will totally pos about that, too!



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