Vegan day 2

February 18, 2010 at 2:32 pm 4 comments

raw chickpea miso, vanilla almond milk and vanilla coconut creamer are making my life right now!

So I have always been into food.   One of dreams/goals is to write a cookbook.  I used to be a vegetarian and that is always my natural inclination.  Even when I make meat meals for my family I still find myself hovering over the corn salad licking the bowl clean and avoiding the beef stew.  So vegan is not such a crazy idea for me although I always thought avoiding dairy would be impossible.  I still think that if I were to ever be a total vegetarian I would still eat dairy.

But for Lent I like to do something strict, something disciplined and vegan is exactly that, quite strict and quite disciplined, at least for my family.

So I knew I would need to find some ingredients that would make this Lenten season easier. 

So far I have found three that we won’t be with out.  Raw chickpea miso, almond milk in every flavor although we have been loving the chocolate for drinking and the vanilla for pouring over granola and then coconut coffee creamer in the vanilla flavor.

The coconut creamer doesn’t even taste coconut-y, which wouldn’t have been awful, but might have gotten old after awhile and I am always looking for ways to get more coconut into our diet so I’m considering my evening cup of decaf to now be healthfood and I will most definately stick with the coconut creamer indefinately.

The almond milk is the only boxed milk-alternative that we have bought/tasted that doesn’t have any wierd taste at all.  It’s just perfectly pleasant and delicious.  And for those, who like my husband, add sugar to cereal, the vanilla flavor is sweetened just enough that he doesn’t want to.

And last, the miso.  Ahhhh, the chickpea miso.  How wonderful that there is a soy-alternative miso for people who are either allergic or just avoid soy for various reasons.  I have used the miso to make blender soups taste and feel creamy and decadent without using a drop of cream.  My fave mix is raw zucchini, cooked potato and then mushroom broth and the miso with some tahini for good measure.

I will keep updating about the trip down vegan lane, for sure!



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Just found this pic of a beet/orange/carrot juice that I made and had to share Veggie filled couscous salad that I can’t stop eating

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  • 1. Krystal  |  February 19, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Vegan Lent is such a great idea! If I wasn’t already vegan, I’d be doing it, too. (I’m giving up chocolate this year.) I love the new coconut milk creamer! Have you tried their So Delicious coconut milk beverages? The vanilla flavor is the best milk substitute I’ve tasted by far.

  • 2. Ruby  |  February 19, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Oh, well thank you 🙂 I’m pretty psyched about it. Most people just say how impossible it sounds, but I have found it to be exciting and a little bit liberating. How fun was it only buy huge amounts of produce at the grocery store today?! VERY!

    I haven’t tried the So Delicious milk but I will nw that you reccomended it. I bought the plain variety of coconut yogurt today to try in some eggplant pakoras that I’m making this weekend and we will see how that is. I love the idea of coconut instead of soy yogurt so I hope the plain is really good, I have tried the other flavors and liked them.
    P.S. I have done chocolate and it was challenging but thats what I like for Lent.
    Thanks for commenting!


    • 3. Daisy  |  February 22, 2010 at 8:18 am

      I love the cocunut creamer in hazelnut and vanilla – oh so yummy – was using that before I went vegan for lent. The So Co coconut keifir is awesome too. It is even better that regular lifeway keifir.
      – I have to agree aout the almond milk too, we are crinking the unsweetened typed as we have to watch our blood sugar in my house.

      My family is pescatarian so the hardest thing for me has been smelling the grilled shrinp or boiled crawfish in the house.
      I thought the cheese would be the hardest part. As i have always loved dairy….but so far it haas not been that hard.
      I threw a party to celebrate my daughters baptism and served the rest of the exotic cheeses in the house whihc was great becasue it cleared the house of the dairy (save the organic cheese stick carton for my toddler!) Let us all know how the cocumnut yogurt is with the pakoras and share the recipe,
      :>} Daisy

  • 4. Ruby  |  February 22, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Oh hey Daisy!
    I am going to try the Kefir when I go to the store next week, I love Kefir.
    I am thinking that I am going to do the whole pescatarian thing when I move back to NOLa. My family likes the meat a lot, I am really the only one who doesn’t. I’m thinking after Lent I will stay with ovo-lacto-veg because here I have no reason to eat seafood, lol. But boy, I can’t wait to tear into some shrimp!
    I tasted the coconut yogurt, which I bough in the plain flavor and it was pretty sweet so I don’t know if it’s going to work for the pakoras, but I found a recipe that doesn’t use yogurt so I will post that after I make it if it turns out well.
    I have been really liking the challenge of the vegan cooking, though.


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