Hello Friday people!

February 19, 2010 at 9:14 am Leave a comment

Yay! It's friday!

I’m happy it’s payday and that means I can go to the thrift store and look for the last little bits I need for a swap I’m doing on Swap-bot and a swap I’m doing with a girl named Wendy.  They are both swaps that are requiring me to do a little bit of thinking and a little bit of guessing and a little bit of sleuthing so that’s a lot for this mommy brain, but it’s always good to give the old noodle a work-out.

I have big plans for the Wendy swap surprise.  The elements we were to choose from were as follows:

• Something handmade                                           

• An art/craft supply

• A CD – a favorite album or a mix

• An assignment or a list

• Something useful

• Something old

• A book

• A favorite recipe or two

• Something soothing and relaxing

• Something beautiful

• A beginning

I can reveal which ones I have chosen because I don’t think they will give the surprise away (HI, Wendy!)  I chose music, something beautiful, something handmade, an assignment and something relaxing….and it all came together last night into a cohesive idea that I am pretty thrilled to have come up with amidst about 1,000,000 trips to the potty because yes, we are potty training.


I will be working hard on this and getting it out by the end of the month and then trying really hard to remember to photograph everything before I send it out!



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Veggie filled couscous salad that I can’t stop eating Happy Birthday, Carson McCullers

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