A photo from the past (each month)

February 21, 2010 at 10:46 am 1 comment

When Emerald and my friendship was new!

I thought in honor if Emerald and my friendship and for the sake of getting  to know your blog-writers mo’ better I would post a once a month picture of Emerald and Myself or Emerald or myself.  Generally something from our past together with a little story about the picture and that time in our lives. Sound good?  Cool.

So this above picture was of Emerald and I at our fave bar, the Red Door.  I am wearing my work uniform of all black and Emerald is wearing black pants which she never would have done unless she was getting off of work so I am assuming we had both just gotten off from working at the restaurant formerly known as Lousiana Heritage.  We were both waitresses there at the time.  This was the spring/summer before Hurricane Katrina.

We would often go to the Red Door after work because it was in our neighborhood and our boyfriends could play pool.  I say boyfriends because I was dating my future husband at the time, but we were unmarried!  That’s how old this picture is because our anniversary this year is gonna be for 5 years.

Often times we would go home first, just long enough to change into something more condusive to chilling both literally and figuratively.  It was always hot and we would often times wear nightgowns that we would buy at the thrift store.

Emerald would drink screwdrivers and I don’t remember what I would drink, isn’t that funny?  Maybe beers?  Maybe whiskey?  Maybe whiskey sours?  Anyway, that’s what was going on in this picture, we definately went to the bar about 5 days a week, if not this one then the other one where we would get raw oysters for .25 a piece!

Those were good times, but then again Emerald and I have always had good times!



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  • 1. Emerald  |  February 21, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    Oh! I love this! I love the idea of posting the pics, too!

    And yes, you drank whiskey sours a lot, but you weren’t as faithful to one drink as I was. At the Red Door, I always had screwdrivers. Always, always, always.

    I miss the Red Door! I love how one of the chairs (the one we’re sitting on) is just a stepladder. I loved that jukebox. I loved the old, addled, bartenders. I loved the 24-hour-ness. And I loved closing up the restaurant with you (Bacharach in the background), getting on the streetcar, and going to the bar!


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