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This pretty much sums up the O'melay's, from reading their blog.

There was a time when I thought I might want to have my own farm.  The idea of raising some little black heritage breed pigs was so quaint, so Amercian, so right.   And it doesn’t hurt that the idea of killing the animals myself does not gross me out.  I am actually pretty proud of the fact that I have helped butcher an entire Buffalo.  It was fine.

Then I got chickens and that whole idea went out the window.

I am no outdoors-woman.  I dislike cleaning up after other species in the poop department.  And I am a little bit afraid of a lot of seemingly harmless animals.  Like chickens.  (or squirrels.  or lizards.)

But I still believe whole-heartedly in the work that other families are doing to change farming in this country, one animal at a time.

Enter the O’melays.  Their blog is so inspiring.  They are really living the self sufficiency dream.  Right down to baking their own sourdough bread and homeschooling(unschooling) their 4 kids.

They stock their blog with tons of home-spun information that you could apply to your own gardening/farming/homesteading.  If this interests you then head on over and say “Hi” and while you are there thank them for what they are doing because it’s awesome and it’s a little bit saving the world, one plot of land at a time.   this is another link to some information that the O’melays put into practice as far as their diet.  I find this website to be very informative and kind of life-changing, personally.

So basically the O’melays are daring, they are bold, they are courageous and they share.  How fantastic!

Any gardening/homesteading/farming blogs that you are inspired by?



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