Picture from the past: Matching Easter dresses

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We were so excited about these matching Easter dresses! I would still be pretty excited about them, actually 🙂


Oh, what could sum up our time in Hot Springs better than this picture?  When we lived in Hot Springs Emerald and I were always a little bit trying to cause a sensation.  Well, these matching Easter dresses, I’m sure, did just that.

At this time we went to church at this little chapel within walking distance of our house that we had discovered on one of our many walks/jogs.  We were drawn to it simply because it had a rainbow stained glass over the door. 

After visiting one Sunday we kept going for the humor of the situation and the quaintness.  We were by FAR the youngest congregants.  Everyone else was atleast 50 years old and so happy to have fresh faces, they were so welcoming to us.

One Sunday they invited us to come to the meal they were having, I remember the hat lady telling us “Don’t bring anything, there will be more than enough food as it is and we are all such great cooks, you will love it!”  She was right and it was a lot of fun to eat all that Mee-maw cooking.

Anyway, that Easter I am pretty sure, Emerald can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure we went to the Velda Rose for brunch after Easter service.  Now the Velda Rose was a Hotel down the street from our house that was left over from the glory days of Hot Springs.  Yes, Hot Springs had glory days!  Hot Springs used to be a vacation destination for famous people and the Velda Rose, I’m sure, used to be really lovely.  It still looks the same, except not really cared for, which is sad.

The brunch was nice, very Hot Springs-y, which is to say kind of a blast from the past.

It was a nice Easter and judging from the above photo we also got baskets….

Will you be getting a basket this year?  I won’t, but I am excited to say we will be going to a brunch this year and there will be an egg hunt, so the babe will love that, I know!

Happy Easter to all and to all our Christian friends CHRIST HAS RISEN!   To our non-Christian friends PEACE and WE LOVE YOU have a great weekend and I hope, a little chocolate!



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