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And the Winner Is…

…Bellywho! (A.K.A. Kelly) Ruby, I excluded you from the drawing because, as my blogging partner and lovely, long-time friend, you are already slotted for your own package of Mexico goodies, including one of these, which will be part of Kelly’s package.

Behold, one of my first attempts at both wire-wrapping and seaglass jewelry.

Thank you ever so much everyone for all your super-nice birthday wishes! I found a TON more seaglass yesterday in Cozumel, so I will be making more jewelry and most likely giving some of it away here, just to spread the love out in the blogosphere! Stay tuned…



May 21, 2010 at 9:30 pm 4 comments

I Wanna Be A Beach Hippie

Tow years ago when my husband and I went to Costa Rica, I became enamored with a group of “beach hippies” in the west coast town of Manuel Antonio. I don’t know where the hippies came from–they looked vaguely European, but were so tan they could have easily been native Ticos. I don’t member talking o them except to buy some of the jewelry they made, I only remember that they apparently lived in a van by the ocean with a bulldog who wore a beaded necklace. And I thought to myself, I want that life. So, since I’m going to Mexico (ten days!!!) for two and a half months, and since I won’t really have a job while I’m down there, and since I like to make jewelry, I’m going to try my hand at being a beadin’ beach hippie, minus the van and the dog of course. Maybe make a little dinero para cerveza, if you know what I mean.

In preparation, I’ve been making and stockpiling jewelry for the vacation. I’ll have internet while I’m there, so I will post updates about my endeavor. You only live once, right? Might as well reach out and grab it, especially when it’s that close.

My “Workshop”

I’m not sure how I’ll decide on a spot to sell my merchandise — I’ve never really done anything like this. Have any of you? Tips and advice are welcome….


P.S. Check out Ruby’s super-cute flag pennant giveaway below, and leave a comment- it could be yours!

April 27, 2010 at 10:12 am 8 comments

A surprise giveaway…

This is a beautiful example of a pennant banner made by bisongirl:

So I still don’t have photo taking abilities but I am doing a quick giveaway for a pennant banner and the above is a great example of one made by someone else.  (I usually don’t like to steal pictures from other people but I am linking back and let her know via a comment that I used it, hopefully she doesn’t make me take it down!)  The one I’m giving away I made.

Anyhow, I made two pennant banners this week and the giveaway will allow the winner to choose from either a more neutral/earthy colored one(it’s got a sky-like blue, a sort of putty and a saffron) or a more brightly colored one(think pink, lime, red, turquoise, yellow).   They are both great in their own ways, and lovely to pin up for a party of any sort or just to spice up a living space with summer around the corner.

So all you have to do is comment in this post and if you post about it on your blog you win three chances instead of just one.  Of course, let us know that you posted about the giveaway.

So, that’s it, you have til wednesday, did I mention that?  Okay.  Go free pennant banner!

April 26, 2010 at 8:51 am 9 comments

Greetings! And Greeting Cards!

As I write this, there is a crew of strapping, be-denimed men in my front yard, replacing the power poles. For that reason, I have been without electricity for most of the morning (hence the late post). No matter, I took advantage of NOT being able to DO anything ELSE, and replenished my supply of handmade, collaged greeting cards. I just love to make cards and mail them to people, because getting something in the mail that’s not a catalog or a bill reminds me that I’m a human being with friends. As much as I love the convenience of email, it has, in a way, contributed to the decline of good old-fashioned stamped correspondence. Is it just me or do you feel the same way?

Here are some of my favorites from this morning:

When was the last time you got something FUN in the mail?


April 21, 2010 at 9:55 am 5 comments

Make your skin happy

Hello, hello and happy Monday, all 🙂

I wanted to talk  today about something I have been making for many years now, since I was a teen, actually.  It’s sugar/salt scrub.

I know this probably isn’t a revelation, but we can all use a reminder now and then of those simple things that we probably already know about, but forgot about.

That was the case for me. 

Recently with my tax return money I was going to buy myself some sugar scrub because while I remembered how much I enjoyed using it I didn’t remember how easy it was to make, but I quickly recalled my love of kitchen crafting when I was faced with the $15 price tag at the bath store.

This time I made it with coconut oil, olive oil, sugar and gray sea salt.  It came out great, of course, and I have been enjoying the simple pleasure of it.

I poured as much as I could into a nice short jar I had saved and then found a fat mouthed tea-cup to put the rest in and have kept that at the kitchen sink to use everyday on my Colorado-reptile hands and it has really been working nicely, they almost look human again!

Here are some recipes if you are not the sort to just jump in and throw some stuff in bowl until it looks right:

So get into the kitchen , scrounge up some oil, a jar and some salt or sugar and get to mixin, summer is coming and your skin will thank you!

If anyone else has any nice pampering ideas please send them our way….



April 12, 2010 at 5:28 am 3 comments

Embracing My Inner Eastern Princess

Here’s my latest creation: a kind of necklace for my face/head. It took me about two hours to make, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. There’s no clasp; I made it to fit my head specifically, in order to keep it from looking like I was wearing an actual necklace on my head. I’d like to try something similar with hemp so that it could tie and be adjustable. I love the overall idea, and I’m wearing it as I type this, so it’s not uncomfortable yet. What do you think? Is it missing something? Should I make the dangly bit in the center a little longer so that it dangles over my “third eye”?

April 7, 2010 at 9:07 am 4 comments

{this moment}

March 26, 2010 at 8:12 am 2 comments

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