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She’s baaaaaaaaaaaack!

I’m back from NOLa and I had the time of my life.  It was certainly as good as I hoped and honestly, better.  <sigh!>

I wish I could say that I’m happy to be back in Colorado and while I am certainly happy to see my husband I definately wish I was still in New Orleans.

I am so lucky to have a best friend in New Orleans that I have known since I was an unruly teen who was happy to welcome me and my daughter in his home for such a long stay.  It’s really like a second home.  His room mate is one of my fave people, as well.  Mimi had a blast with just them alone.  She misses them and today asked if we could go to Kenny’s house.  Sorry girlie, not today, lol!

Anyway, I plan on doing a story a day until I feel tapped out. 

I will of course share the recipes and foods that I enjoyed and I am happy to be back on the blog!

Happy weekending to all!




May 28, 2010 at 2:22 pm 1 comment


Here is a little arrangement of things that just happened to be sitting together on my kitchen counter: some pink lilies we rescued from a trash can on our street, a rose-scented Virgin of Guadalupe candle from the supermarket, some pesos, and a neat shell I found a few days ago.

By the way, today is my birthday. In honor of my birthday, I will send one of YOU a gift when I’m back home in the States and postage is both more reliable and affordable. All you have to do is leave a comment wishing me happy birthday. The winner will be chosen at random, and the prize will be a box of cool beachy, Mexican-y stuff I’ve bought, found and/or collected while I’m here.

Good luck, thanks for playing along!

May 20, 2010 at 7:00 am 14 comments


Sorry about the lack of posts; I’ve been having problems with the photo uploading thing on WordPress. Seems like it’s hit or miss. Don’t know why, but it’s frustrating!!!!

May 17, 2010 at 12:26 pm Leave a comment

Technical Difficulties

Just wanted to update briefly that I’m having problems with WordPress down here. I can’t upload pictures and typing it acting weird.Hopefully I’ll get it figured out soon.

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So we’re off….

My little girl and I leave tomorrow morning for New Orleans (HOME) and we are doing all of our little preparations.

I won’t be back here on the blog until I get back, I think June 1st will be a good start back date for me.

As for Emerald I don’t know her plans for blogging so I will let her explain that to everyone….



April 30, 2010 at 6:22 pm 1 comment

And the winner is:


Oh, congratulations and thank you ever so much for playing, even though you are new to our little blog we are so happy for you and hope that this little banner will bring you years of entertaining/decorating fun!

Please do get back to me with your address right away as I leave for a month on Saturday 🙂



April 28, 2010 at 8:30 am 3 comments

A surprise giveaway…

This is a beautiful example of a pennant banner made by bisongirl:

So I still don’t have photo taking abilities but I am doing a quick giveaway for a pennant banner and the above is a great example of one made by someone else.  (I usually don’t like to steal pictures from other people but I am linking back and let her know via a comment that I used it, hopefully she doesn’t make me take it down!)  The one I’m giving away I made.

Anyhow, I made two pennant banners this week and the giveaway will allow the winner to choose from either a more neutral/earthy colored one(it’s got a sky-like blue, a sort of putty and a saffron) or a more brightly colored one(think pink, lime, red, turquoise, yellow).   They are both great in their own ways, and lovely to pin up for a party of any sort or just to spice up a living space with summer around the corner.

So all you have to do is comment in this post and if you post about it on your blog you win three chances instead of just one.  Of course, let us know that you posted about the giveaway.

So, that’s it, you have til wednesday, did I mention that?  Okay.  Go free pennant banner!

April 26, 2010 at 8:51 am 9 comments

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